UK National Vehicle Register and National On-Track Plant Register

National Vehicle Register

EU Interoperability Directive 2008/57/EC Article 33 mandates requirements for the NVR, including requirements for each Member State to create and maintain an NVR.

When a vehicle is authorised for placing into service by the National Safety Authority (NSA) of the member state (in GB this is the Office of Road and Rail (ORR)), an entry in the NVR is mandated.

Directive 2008/57/EC requires Member States to register existing vehicles on the NVR. This also requires the NVR to record those vehicles that are permitted to operate on a network, including those that were previously registered in another Member State.

The secretary of state has designated Network Rail Infrastructure Limited as the appointed Registration Entity (RE) to establish and maintain the GB NVR.

Once a vehicle has been allocated a European Vehicle Number (EVN) by Network Rail, the vehicle must be registered for operation on the GB Mainline Railway.

The system links to the European Virtual Vehicle Register, thus allowing access to any vehicle authorised in any Member State within Europe.

All requests for access to the National Vehicle Register should be made by email to


Registration of vehicles for operation on the GB Mainline Railway is managed through R2 (replacing the Rolling Stock Library).

For organisations that do not have access to the system, access can be requested by contacting the RSSB Enquiry Desk who can then guide you through the registration process.

An FAQ on the R2 system can be found at the following link.

RIS-2453-RST is the GB industry standard that describes:

  • How vehicles are registered on R2;
  • How vehicles are allocated GB vehicle numbers;
  • How data is displayed on vehicle markings.

RIS-2453-RST is available from the RSSB standards catalogue.

National On Track Plant Register

National On Track Plant Register contains all Road Rail Vehicles, Rail Mounted Maintenance Machines, Trailers and Attachments authorised to operate on Network Rail Infrastructure, in accordance with Rail Industry Standard RIS-1530-PLT.

The system holds a variety of vehicle information relating to physical characteristics, authorisations etc; the degree of detail is dependent upon the vehicle type. Information is held in either database or document formats. It has extensive reporting capabilities, with outputs delivered in various formats; however, access to this facility is on a role type basis.

All requests for access to the National On Track Plant Register should be made by email to